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Education & Advice - BikeSafe

Image of instructor discussing test results with MotorcyclistMotorcyclists represent a large percentage of road casualties in proportion to their number. In fact they make up less than 1% of road traffic, but suffer 14% of deaths and serious injuries. Last year 20 motorcyclists were killed on the roads of Devon and Cornwall.

Today more people are buying high-powered machines than ever before and they have changed a lot in recent years. They are faster, handle better and look great. However, a top-class bike deserves a top-class rider. By learning important skills you stand a better chance of keeping safe on your machine.

Bikesafe is an initiative being run by police forces throughout the UK. This Force is working with the County Councils of Devon and Cornwall, Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council to lower the number of motorcycle casualties and encourage further training.

For further information on BikeSafe please look here

Enhance your riding skills

The following are a few of the many groups and organisations who can help you enhance your riding skills by providing further rider development:

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

The motorcycle section of the IAM organises social events and has an associate membership scheme. An experienced rider is assigned to an associate member to give practical guidance in preparation for an IAM test. Contact 0208 994 4403.


The ROSPA motorcycle section organises social events and provides associate membership. ROSPA has its own motorcycle test which is graded bronze, silver and gold. Riders can eventually go on to take the diploma. Contact 0121 248 2000

Honda MAC

Honda's Motorcycle Appreciation Course is available to riders of any make of motorcycle. Contact your local Honda dealer or Graham Horwood, regional training co-ordinator, on 01285 862806.

Picture of MotorcyclistDevon Advanced Motorcyclists

The group is affiliated to the IAM and provides further rider development through assessed rides and training together with social events including ride-outs. Contact Jim Ford Telephone 01626 852549

Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclists

Devon Advanced Motorcyclists Group


Affiliated to ROSPA and provides training in the North Devon area. Contact Keith Rowles on 01271 328702.

Devon County Council

Advice on further training locally can be obtained from the Devon Drivers Centre at Westpoint on 01392 444773.

Cornwall County Council

Advice on further training locally can be obtained from the Road Safety Officer at Scorrier on 01872 327275.

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