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Mobile Safety Camera Units

The Concept / Commander System

A Commander van

A liveried speed detection van

The highly liveried speed detection vans now have the capability of 360° surveillance. They have one forward facing camera mounted on the front windscreen, 2 side cameras magnetically mounted and the enforcement camera which operates from the rear of the vehicle.

There are two systems of capture employed with this technology, the Concept and the Commander; the latter being able to combine the images from all four cameras on one screen. This provides a means of additional identification of offending motorcycles, vehicles and occupants.

The UltraLyte 100 Camera

Mobile camera and bike

Bike rider camera

The two motorbikes currently in operational use are standard Force BMW models that have been adapted to carry the speed detection equipment. They are highly visible and enable the Officer to enforce in locations that might otherwise have been prohibitive to a larger vehicle.

The speed detection equipment is the LTI 20.20 UltraLyte 100 and, when in operational use, is mounted on a tripod.

The auxiliary equipment used is the Lastec Local Video System; a PAL-VHS video recording system with camera control unit and data logger. This combination enables the input of day, date, time, site code, speed and distance to be logged on the video.

Click here for the UltraLyte 100 camera fact file

The Lastec Camera

Portable camera for use in back of vehicle

Portable for use in back of vehicle

The Lastec is used in a variety of situations, including purpose made Motorcycle systems, fixed van systems and a portable system used from the back of a patrol car.

An efficient and resource effective enhancement is the Lastec Local (Video) system providing continuous video evidence.

The Lastec provides immediate picture evidence giving a number of options for obtaining pictures of offences as they occur.

Using a unique control unit the system is capable of providing pictures of offending vehicles at the roadside within a few seconds together with the relevant data overlaid on the image.

Lastec Local combines accuracy, flexibility and selectability with effective and efficient enforcement both on the roadside and in the office.

The accuracy of the system stems from the inherent accuracy of the LTI 20.20. The interface with the control unit ensures that only accurate data is captured on the picture.

Image of carThreshold speed functions mean that only speeds over a limit specifically selected by the operator are captured evidentially.

Contained in hard wired portable cases and with a built in power supply the system is highly mobile and can be moved and re-sited in minutes.

A photo taken with the Lastec cameraLens and camera options provide readable registration plates at ranges of up to 300 metres.

The 'red dot' sighting scope of the LTI 20.20 remains the targeting medium and the evidential picture carries a superimposed crosshair clearly identifying the offending vehicle.

This ensures that enforcement in heavy traffic and multi-lane situations is the strength of this option.

Click here for the Lastec mobile camera fact file

Mobile Gatso Camera

Mobile Gatso

Mobile Gatso

This system uses the existing Gatso radar camera, as found in the static housing, utilising additional equipment to make it portable. The equipment works in exactly the same way as the normal fixed-site using 35mm film which needs to be processed. This system has the advantage that it can be used during darkness and in wet conditions.

The Gatso 24 camera equipment is used to measure speed and to photograph the offending vehicle that is exceeding the threshold speed. The camera equipment is set on a tripod and measures the speed of vehicles travelling in either or both directions, as chosen by the operator. This system can also be set to distinguish between cars and lorries.

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