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LTI 20.20 UltraLyte 100 Fact File

Speed Measurement
Speed Min-Maximum 0-299 mph
Accuracy +/- 1mph
Measurement Time 0.4 seconds
Range Measurement
Display Range Resolution 0.1m
Operational Distance 23 - 610m
Displayed Range Accuracy +/- 15cm
Measurement Time 0.4 seconds
Beam Divergence 3 milliradians nominal
Laser Wavelength: 904 nanometers
Size 21 x 7 x 28cm
weight 1.34kg
Power Requirement
2 alkaline batteries providing up to 25 hours cordless operation
Eye Safety
Certified Class 1 Eyesafe
-30°C to +60°C
Waterproof to IP 67


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